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About us

Elastomer began as an idea in 1972 led by Shri R. V. Bhirdikar and over the next four decades has become one of the leading names in the Indian rubber industry. Growing strength to strength, building experience and expertise in the areas of rubber lining, rubber rollers, and rubber moulding, Elastomers core promise has always remained of providing world-class products being at the forefront of technology.
As early as in the 1970s, we brought to India technology that was novel and few could provide as we began with our rubber lining offerings. Having cemented a leading position in the realm of rubber lining, we have today diversified into rubber rollers, rubber moulding and are now taking great strides in rubber sheeting.

Under the able guidance of leadership that spans three generations, Elastomer today is a trusted player when it comes to offering the widest source of quality rubber products. Elastomer, we are committed to making use of the best of global technology and build quality products in the country so the world recognizes India as a key market in the rubber industry worldwide.

Company Vision

At Elastomer, we are constantly striving to innovate and serve various industries in the country with our quality rubber products and achieve the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. .

Company Mission

With decades of experience in the rubber lining industry, Elastomer now aspires to become a dominant player in the rubber sheeting line of work by achieving global quality standards. .

Our Approach

Make in India

While Elastomers efforts have always been on the path to making India a dominant player in the global market, the focus has only intensified since the launch of the Make in India movement. In line with our vision, we, at Elastomer Lining Works are among those in the country enthusiastically working towards making the best of products in India for the world.

Our manufacturing facilities, the processes we put in place, the technologies we employ are always centered around the idea of putting the country and its reputation in the global scheme of things above everything else.

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